Election manifesto for the municipality of Lund

The manifesto is downloadable in .pdf-format here.

Here is what Piratpartiet would like to do for Lund


Hire teacher secretaries to manage teachers’ administrative work load

Piratpartiet proposes the hiring of secretaries to handle transcrip­tion and distribution of pupil reviews, as well as other routine tasks that today are part of the teachers’ daily work. This way more teach­er hours will be available for classroom and preparative work.

Avoid camera surveillance at the school during scheduled activities

Surveillance is only meaningful when no one is supposed to be there. At all other times it is an unnecessary intrusion of personal integrity.

Submit neither pupils nor staff to arbitrary drug tests

It is the opinion of Piratpartiet that such tests are only to be per­formed in case of reasonable suspicions. At all other times it is a totally unnecessary violation of personal integrity.

Offer conditions for organized social activities within the school premises

Young people who take an active part in clubs, circles or associa­tions often also take an active part in society – they are, for instance, more likely to vote when they are old enough. Consequently, Pirat­partiet proposes appointing a person at each school responsible for establishing contacts and helping to find suitable accommodations.

Hire students as assistant tutors

Homework assistance should not be a budget issue for parents. Consequently, Piratpartiet would like to hire students to assist during school hours. These students could also increase classroom presence e. g. by exercise assistance.

Scheduled school counselor summons

Many young people are feeling bad, mentally. In order to find them, for timely help and support, Piratpartiet proposes scheduled school counselor summons as is done for the school nurse.

Promote a more equal school through standard critical pedagogics

To Piratpartiet it is obvious that everyone should be treated alike, regardless of name, gender identity, ethnicity or any other irrelevant factor, and consequently supports active work for enlightenment and against prejudices.

Supply digital versions of the school curriculum

It is easy to lag behind if you are ill or have problems understanding. To remedy this, Piratpartiet proposes recorded lessons so that all pupils will have an opportunity to learn or rehearse.


Introduce free travel on the city buses

Bus travel should not be a budget issue. Zero tariffs would also reduce car traffic in the city center; simplify travel for people with poor eyesight or on a wheelchair, and save time during rush hours.

Save the botanical garden

“Botan” constitutes a great part of Lund’s cultural heritage and is one of the places where bumble bees and other pollinators thrive. To Piratpartiet it is obvious that Botaniska Trädgården must be retained in its classical scope.

Keep saying “No” to streetcars in Lund – save Clemenstorget

There are many superior ways to use funds than to cement a contin­gent future city plan that will also destroy one of Lund’s most vivid classical squares.

Include plants that favor pollinators such as bumblebees and bees in our parks and greens

Pollinators are very important for all crop plants and future crops. Consequently, Piratpartiet would like to engage biologists and city gardeners to improve the growth environment for these insects.

Investigate the possibilities to make our historical city center pedestrian

The city plan for old Lund is more suited to ox carts and has neither the space nor the paving for modern car traffic.


Receive more immigrants in Lund

Of the country’s 25 largest municipalities Lund occupied the last place in 2013, with an average of 5 immigrants per 10,000 inhab­itants. This is embarrassingly few, and something that Piratpartiet wants to change.

Build integrated corridor housing for immigrants and students

This way the integration of single immigrants would be facilitated, while the student housing situation would get a much needed im­provement.

12 months integration support for companies, with ensuing employment requirements

Piratpartiet suggest the use of the same model currently employed by private readjustment companies: A supervised salary supported position in an established business for 12 months after completed
SFI (Swedish for immigrants). If this does not result in permanent employment, the total subsidy is normally to be returned.

Promote supervised salaried internships within the municipality

The best way to approach a new culture, with a new language and a new environment, is by working along with people who already live there.


Introduce the program “Housing first”

It is well established that reintegration of homeless persons works better if you start with housing. “Housing first” is a proposition that has recently landed on the parliament agenda, but Piratpartiet is of the opinion that Lund should set an example.

Erect temporary housing for students at the start of the semester

Modules of barracks, for instance on little used parking lots or greens, could solve the temporary but difficult situations arising every fall semester start. At least until adequate student housing is built.

Simplify the requirements for building permits

For instance, a student does not require a 2.4 meter sink. All build­ing requirements for student housing should be simplified and adapted to the needs and requirements of the average student. The production costs would decrease and more students housing could be built.

Use LKF resources exclusively for housing

LKF surplus is meant to be reinvested, for maintenance, renovations and new buildings. Since at least a part of these funds are piped into the central municipality budget, the tenants are paying twice for the maintenance. Lower rents would benefit local trade, and that in turn would benefit the community through job opportunities and taxes.

Gender and equality

Piratpartiet believes in a world where you are seen for the individual you are and not for the group to which you belong.

De-identified, anonymized applications

Piratpartiet supports the opinion that name, gender identity, ethnic­ity, age or any other for the position irrelevant factor should never influence the chance of a job interview for the municipality.

Guarantee day and night care for all in need of them

This is a simple way of liberating resources beneficial for the entire community, through work done and taxes paid.

Increase funding for centers supporting people in violent relations

In the Lund municipality everyone in need of help should be able to get it.


Income protection for students on long term sick leave

Today, students on long term sick leave forfeits part of their right to student loans. Piratpartiet looks to remedy this by introducing time limited scholarships or loans.

Introduce cohabitation guarantees in the elderly care

You should have the option to stay living in the family composition of your choice also when one of you needs professional care.

Prioritize human presence in professional care

Most elderly persons prefer contact with the same group of people, also when the situation requires night watch. However, those who regard nightly visits as an intrusion of their privacy should be offered the alternative of camera surveillance.

Reopen the rehab center for alcoholics and widen the scope to encompass other kinds of drug abuse

Persons who have acknowledged their addiction should have access to anonymous care.

Promote extended health care for students in Lund

Many students do not receive the care they need. Consequently Piratpartiet promotes an improvement.

Offer computer assistance to the elderly

Since an increasing number of services are only simple to utilize over the Internet and a large number of elderly persons do not feel comfortable using a computer, Piratpartiet looks to hire students by the hour to assist and train.

Trade and industry

Here, the role of the municipality is limited to supply suitable infra­structure and city plans. Moreover, the municipality should never com­pete with private businesses, since this would seldom be onequal terms.

Between ideas and Idéon

Create incubators for entrepreneurs as a first step into business, since the gap between the scholar environment and Idéon is too wide for someone lacking stakeholders and funding.

Culture and leisure

Expand Wi-Fi in the city center

Beginning with municipality buildings and public transport.

Digitize and publish all publicly financed culture projects

Whatever is funded by local taxes should be available to the local population.

Convert unused municipal buildings to local meeting places

Piratpartiet would like clubs, societies and associations to thrive in Lund. One of the prerequisites is available premises.

Capitalize on student culture

Many student activities have a positive impact on Lund’s image. Con­sequently the municipality should, ad far as possible, support student organizations in need of advice or help.


Taxation is a means, not a goal.

Manage Lund citizens’ tax money with care

The costs of building Kristallen, FFS arena, and Högevallsbadet totaled nearly one billion kronor, and it is very much in doubt wheth­er the revenues will cover even the maintenance costs. Hence, they
can hardly be regarded as investments.

Publish all procurement worth more than 99,000

It is the opinion of Piratpartiet that transparency is fundamental to any democracy. And publicly accounting for public purchases is very reasonable in view of the municipality’s financial situation.

Avoid camera surveillance of public buildings during scheduled activities

Surveillance is only meaningful when no one is supposed to be there. At all other times it is an unnecessary intrusion of personal integrity.

Supply public information in multiple languages

Since we have inhabitants from a number of countries, where many do not have a sufficient command of the Swedish language, Piratpar­tiet finds it obvious that we should provide translations at least for
the most common languages.

Consider environmental aspects when making public purchases

“Lowest price” can introduce unwanted environmental results. It is the view of Piratpartiet that reviewing the environmental con­sequences of each alternative should be an integral part of every purchase agreement.